Everybody have defects and qualities. All make mistakes, do correctly and try again... so... the most important is keep itself on the right way and win the whole obstacles that, unwaited, can appear. The victory comes by own effort and not because of others. That´s ok if you know someone influent and try to show ways - but the difficulties, when coming, we´re the ones must superate them.

It´s not so difficult to superate the storm of our turbulent journey. A dose of good humor, hope, optmism and resilience are the perfect ingredients for the success. Any suject it yelds to people can smile. The most intolerant person finishes itself won by the tiredness when is in front of a determinated one, self and with much spirit health.That´s not correct to grow and appear by others work dedication whom effort themselves for a decent professional life. The dignity begins when we´re able to act with righteousness and ethics. It is so unfortunate when hear someone telling doesn´t like "a" or "b". It is so disconcerting know someone can be stolen for the common pleasure of seeing the capacity of the destroyed person. Mind that the destroyeds are those who think that way. Competent and dignity people are ready when born. Nobody kills them! Can even try... but never goes there where those efforted workers arrived, 'cause did the best and perfect service.

I congratulate those really care with the other pals feelings. For unless you like that person, nobody cand underestimate anyone capacity. All of us are intelligent and able to develop several abillities.

If you are a boss, pay attention on the next phrase: if you think your colaborator is unable, train him! Otherwise, you are the silly one.

Luiz Gabriel Tiago